Aadhar Card Updates: Know the Limits on Name, DOB, and Address Changes

Aadhar Card, a crucial identification document with biometric information, plays a pivotal role in various aspects of life.

Ensuring its accuracy is essential, and amendments should be made promptly to avoid complications. However, there are limits to how often specific details can be changed.

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Name Changes – Limited Opportunities

If you need to correct the spelling of your name or update it due to marriage, both online and offline options are available.

It’s crucial to note that only two chances are provided to change the name on your Aadhar card. Careful consideration is advised to avoid exhausting these opportunities prematurely.

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Gender Correction – A Single Chance

Errors in gender entry on Aadhar cards can be rectified as per UIDAI rules. However, individuals are granted only one opportunity to correct their gender information. Attention to detail is vital to make the most of this single chance.

DOB Amendments – Use Wisely

Incorrect dates of birth on Aadhar cards can be rectified, but individuals are granted only one chance for such amendments.

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It’s imperative to ensure accuracy during this single opportunity, as subsequent changes will not be permitted.

Important Note: Subject to Updates

While there are limits on certain changes, it’s important to note that information on Aadhar card, such as address, mobile number, email ID, fingerprint, photo, and retina scan, can be updated multiple times. No specific constraints have been set for these updates.

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