75% Discount on Train Tickets for Special Passengers: Check Eligibility List

Indian Railways, acclaimed as the fourth largest railway network globally, serves millions of commuters daily.

Catering to diverse passenger needs across various coach categories, the railway system offers services at corresponding fares.

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However, a range of special travelers are entitled to unique discounts on their train journeys.

From students to patients grappling with specific medical conditions, as well as differently-abled individuals, Indian Railways extends a helping hand.

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Below is a comprehensive rundown of those eligible for these exclusive train ticket discounts.

Beneficiaries of Train Ticket Discounts

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Differently-Abled Passengers: The railway administration bestows substantial discounts to passengers who are differently-abled, mentally challenged, or entirely visually impaired, and require travel assistance.

For general class, sleeper, and 3AC coaches, these individuals enjoy discounts of up to 75 percent.

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Likewise, they receive a 50 percent discount for 1AC and 2AC categories. On premium trains like Rajdhani and Shatabdi, they can avail discounts of up to 25 percent for 3AC and AC chair car.

Furthermore, a companion accompanying such passengers is also eligible for equivalent ticket discounts.


Speech and Hearing Impaired Individuals: Passengers who are unable to communicate through speech or hearing enjoy a 50 percent concession on their train fares.

Similar discounts are extended to an accompanying escort.


Discounts for Patients

Railways exhibit compassion for patients grappling with a variety of medical conditions. The following patients are among those who are entitled to discounted train fares:

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  1. Cancer Patients
  2. Thalassemia Patients
  3. Heart Patients
  4. Kidney Patients
  5. Hemophilia Patients
  6. Tuberculosis (TB) Patients
  7. AIDS Patients
  8. Ostomy Patients
  9. Anemia Patients
  10. Aplastic Anemia Patients

These passengers can avail discounted train tickets, a testament to Indian Railways’ commitment to supporting those in need during their journeys.

The Indian Railways’ practice of providing special discounts to diverse groups of passengers underscores its dedication to inclusivity and social responsibility.

By offering substantial concessions to individuals with unique needs and medical challenges, the railway system continues to demonstrate its commitment to serving all segments of society.

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