10 Types of Visas Available to Indians for Travel Abroad (See List)

New Delhi :

Citizens in India have access to a variety of visas for international travel. These visas serve different purposes and are essential for those planning to explore foreign destinations or conduct business overseas. The 10 types of visas are:

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Tourist Visa

One of the most common visas, the tourist visa is issued by the host country to individuals looking to explore a foreign nation as tourists. However, those traveling on a tourist visa must adhere to specific restrictions, including limitations on work, college admissions, and participation in local activities.

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Transit Visa

Transit visas are essential when travelers need to move from one country to another via a third country. For instance, if you’re flying to Canada with a layover in Dubai, you’ll need to secure a transit visa for Dubai.

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Business Visa

Business visas cater to individuals engaged in business activities or official work in foreign nations. This type of visa is also extended to those who are employed abroad for professional reasons.

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Partner Visa

When a person residing in another country wishes to invite their partner, they must obtain a partner visa to facilitate their reunion.


Journalist Visa

Journalists traveling overseas for work-related assignments receive journalist visas. This visa is typically granted to journalists affiliated with news channels or news organizations.


Marriage Visa

Marriage visas have a limited timeframe and are sought by individuals planning to marry someone from another country.

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Immigrant Visa

For those looking to settle permanently in a foreign nation, an immigrant visa is essential.

However, obtaining this visa can be a challenging and complex process.

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Visa on Arrival

In some countries, visa rules are more lenient, allowing travelers to obtain visas upon arrival at the airport. This streamlined process eliminates the need for advance visa applications.

Diplomatic Visa

Diplomatic visas are exclusively issued to diplomats and require possession of a diplomatic passport.

Student Visa

Also known as a study visa, the student visa grants permission to students who plan to pursue education abroad.

These visas are granted by the host country’s government as a study permit for international students.


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